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Question: I would like to have more metrics to manage my business, but am I limited by my basic small business accounting package?

No. AGBTS has the business reporting and technical expertise necessary to develop the measurements and reports your business needs, independent of ERP system or business software package implemented. Furthermore, the solution will be manageable for your business.

Question: What exactly is business process improvement?

Answer: Your business is made up of key “processes” that perform all the necessary functions for your business to run successfully; in more detail, they become the steps in your day to day operations that keep your business running. For example, we will review the key process and detailed processes around customer order management:

Customer Order fulfillment and Cash Receipt process

Receiving customer orders
Fulfilling customer orders
Preparing product for shipping
Shipping product
Invoicing the customer for orders fulfilled
Receiving payment from customers for orders filled; applying cash

As you can see, one key process can be broken into multiple steps or sub-processes. Each has an input and an output connecting it to the upstream and downstream process step. AGBTS will help you evaluate and improve the quality of your inputs and outputs, as well as the efficiency of each process step. These are basic elements that can impact your overall product quality and profitability of your business.




Question: I’m just a small organization, how can AGBTS help me?

Answer: All businesses have room for improvement. AGBTS is able to work with an organization individually to provide an assessment of improvement opportunities that is specific to you, and makes sense for the size and goals of your company.

Question: We need improvement now, but cash flow in my business is tight, how can I afford AGBTS support?

Answer: Anderson Group BTS can help in three ways:

1. We begin with an onsite visit and assessment; your business may qualify for a free assessment* giving you a preliminary view of your opportunities before you spend a dime. This post-visit assessment will include recommendations for business process improvements specific to your company.

2. Priority for implementation can be placed on recommended projects expected to deliver quickest benefit to help offset the cost of engagement.

3. Anderson Group BTS may also be able to work with your organization on a payment structure that can best meet your needs.


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