Some terms for the Six Sigma methods and tools utilized are:

DMAIC Process
Process Mapping and Streamlining
Capability Studies
Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
Process rolled throughput analysis
Voice of the customer (VOC)



Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Methodologies

Lean Manufacturing

AGBTS utilizes methods and tools to map, understand, and improve your key processes. This begins by teaching and demonstrating to “go where the work is performed” (Gemba) and by involving your associates as experts and stakeholders - key members of the team who can deliver the greatest impact to your processes. We will then show you how to identify value add steps - to optimize, and also identify waste - in order to minimize or eliminate. Finally, we will work with you to improve through process streamlining, integration, automation and to monitor and control through the appropriate metrics and reporting.

Some terms for the lean methods and tools utilized are:

Kaizen Events
Process Mapping / Value Stream Mapping
5 S's
Elimination of Waste / Muda
Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Six Sigma

Analytical tools and Methods to characterize, improve, and stabilize processes - ensuring they are optimized, in control, defects are minimized, and they are capable of meeting customer requirements.


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