"When process output performance is not accurately seen and reported relative to a desired result, there is not much hope for making improvements."

Forrest W. Breyfogle III
The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System

Anderson Group BTS has background and experience to give you the information you need, when you need it, and the processes to leverage it. Our steps are simple:

Review the current metrics / KPI’s established
Identify modifications applicable to strengthen the information
Define new or replacement measurements that tell a better story
Develop and implement processes and tools necessary to easily manage and report your key information
Ensure your team understands the indicators and how to best respond
Help your business establish a review and follow up process to maximize impact



Metrics and Key Process Indicator (KPI) Definition and Improvement

Do you have metrics in place to help you:

Control costs?
Analyze quality?
Control, stabilize, and improve critical processes?
Optimize inventory levels?
Assess operational profitablility?
Perform root-cause analysis of issues?'

Measurements That Tell the Whole Story and Enable Quick Decision Making

Are you capturing and monitoring the right metrics to manage your business?
Are you and your management team able to quickly assess the health of your business and characterize your key processes?


Does it take too much time and analysis to determine next steps and adjustments?
Do you have the necessary measurements and review process in place at all?

You can distinguish your business from the competition with faster, stronger decision making. This comes with a better, quicker story through the metrics you track and what you do with them. Anderson Group BTS can make sure you have the tools needed to transform your management team into agile, strategic decision makers.


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