Types of reports that Anderson Group BTS can help your business establish or improve include but are not limited to:

Operational – Results / performance to plan, production and plant efficiencies
Ongoing Cost and Profitability
Financial – Standard, Performance
Detailed Cost of Sales, Cost of Quality, Extraordinary Expenses
Quality Performance, i.e. defect reporting; incident reports, recovery, capabilities
Inventory and Materials Management reporting



Enhanced Business and Process Reporting

Equally important to the right metrics are reports. An organization must have the ability to evaluate performance against plans as well predict results given forecasted sales and production. Like your key process indicators (KPI’s; metrics); reports must be “actionable” – they should include key comparisons and measurement groupings displayed in the appropriate formats and “buckets” of time and quantities. Most importantly, reports need to be manageable, understandable, timely, and reliable.


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